The Black Villa is a rectangular-shaped private residence within the centre of Ljubljana, designed by Primož Novak & Demšar arhitekti d.o.o. in 2011, uniting two buildings with distinct character. Exterior of the first building black upholstered, with an abundance of glass used for doors, windows and balustrades, whereas the second building clad-in woods but also enriched with large glass windows, both constructions being gracefully connecting the out and indoor spaces. Flooding with natural light, for the joy of its residents, it allows anyone to relish on the beauty of the courtyard outside.

Interiors highlight neutral colour tones within a harmonious modern decoration, peacefully animated by wooden flooring and islands with wooden furnishing. Ground floor hosts the living, dining and kitchen area neatly connected in an open setup. This section has easy access to outdoor space, for the maximum relaxing experience. Its master bedroom, putting up a monochromatic design, completed by the large windows, is flooded with the scenic view from outside. One of the most interesting areas of the house is a particular seat near a glass window where one can easily behold the green courtyard and lovely patio of the other building.