Galatea is a gorgeous luxury home displaying a unique contemporary style in Corona del Mar, California, USA. The house’s sleek design was executed by Details A Design Firm. Contemporary clean lines meet earthy shades of colour, giving birth to an elegant space, filled with warmth and rich decorations (just take a look at the super-stylish lamps and chandeliers). Overwhelming, yet inspiring, the house opens to the landscape. Large expanses of glazing enable panoramic views from the open space living room. A significant amount of personal items adorn the shelves throughout the social area. The kitchen is fully equipped. Countertops are all made of marble adding a touch of preciousness. Definitely not a regular kitchen – it’s more like “the kitchen”.

Fluid and airy, the social area is “protected” by translucent curtains. Master bedroom feels uncluttered comparing it with the rest of the house. A fireplace adds a sense of simple elegance. Outside, there’s a partly-covered terrace where you can just relax and enjoy the night sky by the exterior fireplace. Everything about this house exhales sophistication!