We ran across this luxurious Florida Penthouse exhibiting a striking design diversity and charming ocean views. Space is never a problem for the inhabitants in this generously-sized apartment, where all interiors feel overwhelming. The living room, dining space and kitchen are all arranged in an open plan. The most intriguing of all is the lounge zone, opening up through floor-to-ceiling windows towards the terrace. Two sofas facing one another create a perfect conversation area, with inspiring sun rays coming down from the skylight.

Enjoy the virtual tour of this opulent penthouse in Florida, as each photo will reveal new design features. Character is obtained in every room through an impressive array of materials and textures. Nonetheless, the general color palette remains the same throughout. Despite the complexity of the interiors, our favorite “corner” of this home is the terrace, with its inviting furniture and exquisite views. What details do you find captivating? [Photos by Jason Parker]