We ran across this delightful home office on Whimages, combining functionality with a highly personal touch. With freelancing becoming more and more appealing, we found this idea inspiring and suitable. This charming spot is not just an unconventional working space. It is also a reading nook, a chill-out zone and a child-friendly entertaining “corner”.

We believe the “success story” behind this project lies in its inviting feel, ensured by personal details. On one side, you have a wall filled with photos to boost your spirits while working; on the other, a shelving unit with object bearing meaning and good memories. Up next, a reading nook with two pillows for relaxation and brainstorming. The image is completed by a pendant lamp releasing a positive glow and by a tall pitcher with fresh flowers. And if this post did not convince you, here are 3 other fresh ideas for a creative home office!