Brahler Residence is a renovated house by Robert Maschke Architects in 2011. The property, located in Bay Village, Ohio, blends the local rusticity with an elaborate contemporary design style, giving birth to a dynamic house with unique features. The dwelling is located in a secluded area, surrounded by trees, providing just the right amount of privacy for the owners. Parts of the house’s exterior have been wrapped in green. The result? A dynamic “ever fresh” living environment perfect for those who want to “inhale” nature in a less conventional way. Despite the fact that the restoration implied the infusion with a sense of green, the house keeps its original character.

“The architecture merges landscape and building surfaces, articulating the envelope of the addition while configuring the site into differentiated formal and informal spaces. The addition is situated to create courtyard spaces at multiple levels. A folding roof plane mediates between gabled and diagonally hipped roof geometries to create a dynamic vaulted interior space.” Interior feels uncluttered, breezy and flooded by natural light. Transparency plays a key role in enhancing the sense of spaciousness: some of the walls were replaced by glass panels while green fluffy carpets that mimic grass decorate the rooms’ floors.