Located in Cabin John, Maryland, USA, this massive contemporary house overlooks the edge of a steeply sloping wooded site. The Riggins Residence may surprise you with its imposing silhouette and total surface of 4900 Square feet (about 455 Sqm). Envisioned by Robert M. Gurney Architect, the retreat showcases a diverse modern architecture, with various volumes partially extruding from the main rectangle-shaped “box”. Extensive use of glass and steel bridges visually integrate the project in its rich natural environment.

The interior design scheme is minimalist, with an interesting array of finishes: honed and chiseled Pompeii stone, ash flooring, walnut millwork and white marble counter-tops. Sustainability was a key factor to consider: “Large overhangs shield glazing from solar gain in the summer and provide space for outdoor living, even in inclement weather. Combined with geothermal HVAC, day lighting, and operable windows and doors to provide cross ventilation, the house remains energy efficient despite employing its large amount of glass“, the architect stated. [Photography by Maxwell MacKenzie]