Have a look at these photos depicting a highly original art gallery and living space combined! Unit 2B Warple Way is on a well-known street of Acton recording studios, where Florence and the Machine, and even the late soul siren Amy Winehouse have previously recorded music. Fitting then somewhat, that it is now where 4M have decided to turn up the volume on an open-plan lateral office space, and transform it into a work/live gallery, using unconventional materials such as micro-cement and powder-metal paint.

This 1,100 square feet rough-lux unit was designed to reflect the heritage of a Kosovo-born Londoner, and his American-Detroiter wife. The two were going for glamor-meets-industrial chic -where the natural street corrosion of metals take full reign, in a way that creates a warm and abstract backdrop, yet neutral enough to not take away from the art that will be on display.

Through experimentation, 4M found revolutionary new material uses –microcement to create sculpted sinks, bath, and a kitchen, and wall areas were coated with powder metal paint sprayed with acid to achieve an oxidized appearance. Multitasking to be both visually pleasing as well as functional, hundreds of ceiling panels were cut into three different sizes to create a floating ceiling installation, an irregular but continuous surface that keeps wires, lights, and speakers out of sight. While most people would use white for a gallery, 4M displays multi-functionality in a rebellious yet skillfully blended composition. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by 4M]