House on the Hill was recently completed by architect Jose Orrego of Metropolis, a Peru-based studio. The modern approach for this 950 square meter residence reminds us of Casa Casuarinas in Lima, featured on our website a while back. As its name hints, House on the Hill takes advantage of a wonderful location in Lima, with expansive views opening up towards the city below. The unconventional modern glass facade is flanked by white walls and  uses wood and stone for a more distinct appearance.

Surrounded by nature elements, the massive crib makes for a great city escape. Diversity is the key attribute for this contemporary home design: “Although this project has many different languages, themes and spaces, we managed to find a a way to create harmony. By extensive use of glass, the environment is also integrated in the scheme and many different elements can become one“. Enjoy the virtual tour and let us know what you think! [ Photography: Juan Solano]