Architect Kelly Davis incorporated 21 years of design experience at Midwest resort Canoe Bay as well as inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright to the immaculate and beautiful design of ESCAPE. Made of all natural materials, ESCAPE is an environmentally sustainable and energy conscious portable home that can be ready for purchase in as little as 90 days. A solution for those who want the freedom to pick up and move, this modern take on simplistic living can be delivered and travel virtually anywhere since it is on wheels. Easy to install, owners simply plug in utilities and escape to an efficient and mortgage free lifestyle with little to no maintenance.

Although built like a cottage, by law ESCAPE is a Park Model RV, and therefore requires no foundation and is not subject to property tax. Each unique ESCAPE is authentic, American-made craftsmanship, featuring over a dozen professional wood windows with LOW-E glass, four foot overhangs, and LED lights, all built to the highest standards. ESCAPE can serve as the perfect north woods cottage, small office or first home. Each unit, fully insulated for winter and summer use, includes a kitchen, screened-in living area with heated chaise lounge, bathroom and bedroom. ESCAPE leaves a nearly zero carbon footprint, averaging only $30 a month in energy, even with electricity. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Canoe Bay]