This lovely Swedish apartment we discovered on Fastighetsbyran abounds with creative design elements. The designers of this ground floor crib cleverly took advantage of its location, by improvising an inviting terrace. As you enter, an unconventional hallway (situated below level) greets you, hinting the way towards the open plan living and dining area. Unlike other Swedish homes we published on Freshome, this crib is “filled up” with interesting decorating elements, as if deliberately avoiding minimalism, despite the existence of some modern furniture pieces.

Warmth is exhibited throughout; a magic display of textures make you wonder about this apartment, wanting to feel the touch of the cushion covers, carpets, blankets or even painting frames. All interiors exhibit the same peace-inducing color palette in soft hues of beige, with natural light playing a major role in the overall design scheme. We don’t know about you guys, but to us this place comes pretty close to what a real home should look like.