The fan-shaped Ginkgo Acoustic Panel (named after the popular ancient Japanese Ginkgo tree) is a modern and fun sound-absorbing system. Presented recently at Stockholm Furniture Fair by the producing company, Stone Designs, Gingko reduces the ambient noise, creating the perfect environment for watching movies and listening to your favourite music out loud, without making the life of your neighbours miserable. Evoking the natural landscape, the modular system can be mounted with ease on the wall. The ingenious creators call Gingko a sound design solution due to its properties. The aesthetic though is undeniable. One can arrange the modular panels created from hot-pressed 25% polyester felt as she/ he likes. It’s versatile and fun to play with.

“Ginkgo inspires you to dream of nature and brings the most amazing landscapes from all over the world into your indoor environment. Ginkgo can be a cloudy sky in winter or a forest ablaze with colour during the autumn. Merely by changing the colours, this simple shape can morph into millions of different inspirational landscapes.” It comes in standard colours: white, grey anthracite but the surface can laminated also in other colours.