Located on the Central Chilean coastline, this contemplative sea retreat designed by Raimundo Anguita has it all: an amazingly creative design, a spectacular panoramic view and last, but not least, a dynamic interior. Nested on a cliff between the exclusive summer locations, Zapallar and Papudo, the residence comprises two living areas. The main floor and the courtyard are situated on the same level. The curved roof evokes the sea while the exposed concrete defining the exterior protects this contemplative and detached hideout from the harsh wind.

Built directly into the ground, the house was envisioned as a contemplative space strongly connected with the environment. “The entrance to the property is through a covered garden area outside of the bedrooms which leads to a hall through which you reach a higher viewpoint to visualise and understand the house and its relationship with the environment.”  The sea is visible from every corner of the house: living room dinning area and bedrooms. The living room boasts a high ceiling and a wooden staircase which leads you on the terrace, close to the undulated rooftop. Interior is dynamic, well-lit, airy and adorned with contemporary artwork.