Vered Bonfiglioli completed the design and development of an inviting modern apartment in Jaffa, Istrael. The crib showcases a vintage flair with a modern touch. Pops of yellow and blue pay tribute to the colors of Jaffa. All the spaces are interconnected, yet the living room remains the focal point of the loft. It is here that a generously-sized sofa invites the inhabitants for chill-out time by the TV. A dividing wall (characterized by a high level of functionality) partially hides the kitchen from the “lounge” zone.

Colorful drawings on the walls and various decorative items give away the presence of children in this home. Freshness and creativity seem to sneak up on you unexpectedly, as you walk through the apartment. Our favorite interior is the kitchen, with its blue color theme and doodling on the walls. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Vered Bonfiglioli]