Jellyfish House, an ingeniously designed residential project was completed recently by the Dutch Wiel Arets Architects in Marbella, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Forget about conventional homes and make room for a world full of wonders. This is the type of property that allows you to indulge yourself and enjoy sunbathing and swimming while taking advantage of the exceptional setting. A rooftop terrace and swimming pool overlook the turquoise sea waves, the Sierra Blanca mountains and the neighbouring houses. The rear wall of the pool features a large window, allowing the residents…to admire the ripples of light spreading throughout the entire house.

“This pool has a glass-bottom floor and a panoramic window at its interior facing edge, both of which are 6 cm thick; the latter allows those in the kitchen to voyeuristically view those swimming, while a third window affords those in the kitchen a glimpse of the living room, whose terrace extends under the cantilevered pool.” Built 9 meters above the ground, the rooftop pool’s water merges with the sea in the distance. The interior accommodates several bedrooms and guest rooms, an open space living room and an extensive private terrace. There are two paths of circulation throughout the house, a “slow” and a “fast” set of stairs. One leads your steps directly on the roof, where the swimming pool is while the other criss-crosses the entire venue.