A place filled with harmony, coziness and warmth makes us instantly think of home. That particular spot where things fall into place, where you feel safe, tranquil and relaxed, where “welcome” translates into “I’m happy and sheltered” – that is, dear readers, home. There are many types of houses, from imposing and sophisticated to clean-lined and minimalist, but naturally, not all of them fall under the category of home. It takes more than just design and décor to impregnate a house with a soul. Ambience, therefore, plays a key role in creating the perfect living environment. We stumbled upon Casa Do Lago, designed by Frederico Valsassina Architects in Aroeira, Portugal. Nested near a lake on Aroeira’s main Golf Course, this property is a sanctuary dedicated to your senses.

“A distribution space, by the entrance, articulates the relation between the private areas and the social space of the house, underlining the interaction between the land’s configuration and the definition of the dwelling’s programmatic scheme.” Highlighting serenity and connecting the interior with the outdoors, Casa Do Lago creates a wonderful zen atmosphere. A large Koi fish pond surrounds the house, offering stunning views when inside. Transparent, airy, warm and naturally lit, this soothing and distinguished haven may be just the home you’ve been dreaming of.