There’s something about the organic feel generated by the lovely cabins built up along the slopes of the mountains. Most people choose detached houses to disconnect from the exhausting cities, in order to find peace, get in touch with nature and last, but not least, explore a different side of life. Naturally, harmony is one of the most important features when designing a home. A house that enhances the feeling of balance, inspiring comfort and serenity, has a positive impact on your wellbeing. It’s the case of Via Sauvagia, a residential development in the Laurentians, near Quebec, Canada. The project was designed by Catlin Stothers Design in collaboration with Pierre Thibault and Labrie Daigle Design Studio.

The challenge was to create a dwelling defined by contemporary lines without omitting the organic feel. “The contemporary architecture strikes unity between nature and the interior. Glass exterior walls and open interior spaces called for finishings that respect the integrity of this vision.”  Earthy colours dominate the interior, bringing more of the natural environment inside the house. Wood and stone as well as natural soft textures, such as different kinds of wool add a sense of simplicity and rusticity.