Olaya House is a residential project completed by David Ramirez in 2011 near Medellin (the second largest city in Colombia). The dwelling inspires serenity, embarking the inhabitants on a trip away from the urban landscape. Olaya House invites you to enjoy the outdoors. Catching the attention of those who prefer organic homes, which capture the essence of nature, it showcases a fluid interior, with clear bounds between the service, social and private areas.

The organic feel resides from the exterior, openness, natural earthy colours, stone wall (which separates the social area from the private one) and the wide terraces perceived as extensions of the living areas. “It is of great structural importance for the house, this wall allows inside a social bathroom and two separate chimneys one services the main bedroom while the other one the main lounge. The house facades are built in pail Milano bricks, that provide great strength to the volume and combined with the huge windows allows you to have a permanent communication between the inside and outside of the dwelling. ” All levels are connected through a simple sculptural staircase, allowing vertical circulation throughout the house.