This small apartment design in Vilnius, Lithuania is the result of a striking makeover achieved by Studio YCL. The 24 square meter home is located in a fascinating looking brick house in Užupis, Vilnius. The details in the photos are quite spectacular, which is why we decided to share this project further with you guys. Be sure to also check out one of our previous posts, where we listed 30 of the best small apartment designs we’ve seen so far.

Here is more from the architects regarding the Užupis micro apartment: “Old partitions are replaced by new ones. The new tenants will enjoy a solid high space, which will accommodate a lounge, kitchen, living room and a bedroom, under which a bathroom and a paltry are hidden“. White walls, white wood-shaving box and oak flooring contrast the patchwork tiles and ceiling moldings, offering an authentic personality to this Vilnius home. [Information provided via e-mail by Studio YCL; Photography: Andrius Stepankevi?ius]