Volumetric holiday home, CT House  is a stunning modern residence located an hour and a half from the city of São Paulo, Brazil. The project was designed by Bernardes + Jacobsen Arquitetura and completed in 2010. Two perpendicular volumes create the plateaus, one for access and the other for leisure. The division between spaces was a natural thing to do: “The deployment of the same house is formed by two distinct volumes emphasising the houses’ landscape through a single rectangular volume, facing the beautiful surrounding view and fully integrated in it.” The access volume comprises the garage and service area. To ensure a decent level of intimacy, the private volume was  strategically set away from the street access.

A large patio facilitates the access to the main structure. Its side and bottom are all covered in tropical wood, maintaining a vital interaction with the nature and seamlessly integrating into the landscape. Openness plays an important role into creating the perfect setting for a relaxing lifestyle. Verandas, the open space living room and the lounge area encourage the inhabitants to enjoy the outdoors and detach from the regular routine. The house accommodates also an exterior infinity pool, a sauna and several guest bedrooms.