The renovation of Casa RO, by Elías Rizo Arquitectos, emerged from a house originally built in the 60’s. The rectangular-shaped venue is defined by straight lines and a good communication with the exterior. Consequently it was enlarged and adapted to a modern context. The clients, a young family with a unique way of living, wanted to step away from the old architecture (a little bit too cold for their tastes) and transform it into a bright warm home. The original marble flooring remained untouched to keep some of the authentic feel alive.

A double height foyer inspiring coziness and a new terrace became the focus points.  The interior is neatly decorated. The contrast between the organic textures and new installations is bold, transforming the space into a dynamic home. “One of the main goals was to create a warm space distanced from current architectural stereotypes and trends. The materials used become the main protagonists of space: wood as the prevailing material in facades and interiors, or stone which was selected complement with the one already in place.” Both sides of the property are guarded by massive white walls which offer privacy and intimacy.