A mixture of modern practical effectiveness and local traditional aesthetics are combined elegantly in a picturesque ‘’expo town’’ of GangNam, South Korea resulting in Korean design.  A little over 20 years ago, South Korean government constructed an “expo town” where exclusive and famous korean architects for those times, designed the city. GaOnJai was one of the settings of this expo. Designed by IROJE KHM Architects in 2013, this once government held establishment, has been redone for a client requesting that ecology and useful landuse reside on the forefront to open and illuminate the once dark and blue inner spaces, introvert space for the better preservation of intimacy, security, blocking smoke or simply intruding eyes and absorbing the landscape of surrounding mountains.

The new environment mixes a tour like experience with significant interest in roaming both through it’s inside and outside, enjoying the vastness of the space. Being impossible for one to ever get bored in this house, we expect the residents to enjoy strolling in their own little world.