Inaugure Hospitality, a Senegalese company, opened its’ office in Barcelona at Paseo de Gracia. YLAB Arquitectos have been appointed as the designers to an elegant, finely crafted African style headquarters for them. At the epicentre of the office have been placed the neutrality of colours and pure white shapes. Blended with warm accents, to point out the openness and warmth of African culture, enriched with astounding visuals and complex shroudings, it points out the vision of the company.

Highlight of the office is brought up by the gush conference room, very old at heart but equipped with flashy lighting and an unique table. Future joins hands with history as this company looks forward to the new. An abstract representation of Dakar, capital city of Senegal, is wonderfully displayed on the walls, with the wonderful installation admired best from afar. The entire setting unfolds as a story, beginning from an organic evolution of the distribution in functional areas. Both corridors and open spaces blend as one continuous, zigzagging, softly curved unit, thus, the illusion of movement all through the spaces, has been achieved. All rooms gained their own identity through distinct colored refined wool padded furniture.