Wouldn’t it be nice is the urge to read a good book came with a complimentary garden library? Check out this beautiful reading retreat envisioned and implemented by Mjölk architekti in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. With a budget of 4500, the architects built an intriguing dwelling of wood and plywood, using the bookcase as a supporting “backbone”. The first level hosts the reading room and fireplace, while the second floor accommodates the  sleeping areas.

The most appealing asset of the entire Garden Library is probably its open roof, allowing guests here to use the building as an observatory. With wood employed throughout, the interiors of the project display a welcoming bohemian atmosphere. This is definitely the type of retreat where one can enter, grab a book, enjoy nature and instantly forget about all the “clutter” of modern life. [Photographs: Barbora Kuklíková]