Located in the Taiwanese-American martial foreign-style houses community, this harmonious modern home was originally part of an individual building which had been constructed with old-fashion decorating. However, the life of two newlyweds was about to start here, so a new modern approach was necessary. Z-AXIS DESIGN chose the special iron blue to be the leading role of the space. The sofa back wall with grass-green wire frame cleverly makes a visual division between the living room and the kitchen.

In order to separate the smoke during cooking processes, the designers chose the help of a sliding door made of glassy metal. The whole window scenery brings in a great deal of sunshine and fresh air. The sliding mirror with wire frame which is upright and high is actually the entrance of the bathroom in the master bedroom. Overall, one can say this is a harmonious living space that can be used by two people without seeming too crowded. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Z-AXIS Design, Taiwan]