This surprising project, Polyhedral Monoclinic House, located in a peaceful neighborhood of Tokyo was designed by Atelier Tekuto. It accommodates a three-level home for the client and several studio apartments for rent. I have to admit it, the building that just popped up on the streets of this congested city is quite startling! With an angled roof plane and large skylights to frame the sky, it stands like a museum exhibit among the other regular buildings. From the outside it looks a little bit narrow but once inside you discover a well-lit uncluttered space, that provided freedom of movement.

 “The house opens up towards the sky over the city-and celebrates the exciting and comfortable urban life of Tokyo. One of the key concepts was to …design the sky, because when designing a house in an urban context surrounded by buildings, the sky is the most important natural element in direct contact with architecture.” The openings become links of connection between the living space and the sky itself. The house, built from reinforced concrete, comprises a spacious living room a mezzanine bedroom and a space that can be used as a garage or workshop. All are connected through a metal spiral staircase with cantilevered stairs.