Superkül Inc Architect designed the Stealth Cabin, a private wooden retreat encompassed by lush green vegetation in Ontario, Canada. The wooden cottage represents an escape into the wilderness, a place where the owners can enjoy a fine moment of tranquility without missing the comfort of their city home. A fine blend of traditional and modern, the peaceful haven is both, rich and cozy. The natural untreated cedar wood used for both, interior and exterior, enhances the feeling of natural living. Even when inside, the inhabitants experience the benefits of the outdoors. The house open to the surrounding site through large wood-frame windows and doors, overlooking the deck and of course, the lake.

“The creation of a sculptural wood form bridged this gap, simultaneously imbuing the project with an aesthetic warmth, in a cost-effective manner that capitalised on the strength of the local carpentry trades. The sculptural reading of the form relies to a great degree on its material continuity. Cedar was used throughout to achieve this – on the interior walls and ceilings, on the roof, and as exterior cladding.” Modern furniture adorns the social living area, comprising the kitchen (incorporating also a dining area) and the living room. Blending in harmony, modern and traditional come together, giving birth to a unique shelter in the middle of the woods, perfect to disconnect from the daily routine and recharge with freshness.