Occupying 2,200 square feet of an apartment building in Taipei, Taiwan, Pad 67 is a contemporary crib adapted for a modern urban lifestyle. Under the attentive supervision of Dillon Chen of D|C Interior Design, this former five small bedroom apartment was transformed into a spacious two bedroom (and a guest room) home. Within an open floor plan, the living room, kitchen with bar and dining space merge to shape a sleek design enhanced by customized design details. The home office space was separated from this social area by a glazed wall, keeping an honest connection between the spaces. A custom-designed bookshelf adorns the study, displaying books, CDs and other media in a slanted design occupying one of the walls.

We’ve enjoyed samples of the designer’s works before while presenting a modern bachelor pad in his portfolio known as Pad 63. Just like that apartment, this one has been stripped of some interior walls in order to obtain more space and light. By combining the existing space elements like beams and blank walls with a carefully constructed collection of new space partitions, Dillon Chen avoided over-designing the apartment. Brighter and defined by a cheery atmosphere, this cozy apartment encompasses a studied set of design lines that accentuate the need for simplicity in customized spaces.