This Australian residence is an existing federation house in Mosman, Australia, that became a delighting living environment after the renovation. The team responsible with the project, Anderson Architecture in collaboration with the interior design studio,  MacKenzie Design Studio, managed to put together their creative ideas, in order to create a functional eco-friendly home for a family with strong values towards sustainability and eco-friendliness. Renovation consisted in opening the back of the house to better engage with the backyard. Passive solar techniques and low-watt LED lighting as well as solar hydronic floor and water heating were used to reduce the costs and power usage. 

As the rear of the house faces north, the extension was designed to capitalise on passive solar techniques to reduce heating and cooling costs. The use of sustainable, recycled and locally sourced timber and hardwoods featured throughout the project for finishes, shingles and flooring, most notably on the staircase to the first floor.” The main focus was to incorporate as many sustainable features as possible and transform the house without harming the environment or spending a fortune on high-end heating and cooling systems. Local hardwood, including recycled timber, was used to add a sense of style and warmth throughout the house.