If you plan to visit Austria anytime soon, we’d suggest you to stay at the Ufogel holiday house (near Lienz). We’ve discovered it on Homedit and we thought to share it with you too. One of those intriguing, a little bit bizarre projects, Ufogel  (designed by architect Peter Jungmann) is an irregular-shaped geometric house built on stilts, floating above a meadow. Compact, cozy and with an enhanced sense of openness, the house emphasises the simple life and the joy of returning towards nature. It’s striking appearance, entirely made of wood, seamlessly integrates into the rustic landscape. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when contemplating and exploring the peaceful and breathtaking Lienz Dolomites and the impressive mountain peaks.

“The structure takes its name from its form which sometimes bears resemblance to a prehistoric bird and sometimes to an extraterrestrial home, but is always something special. It’s certainly not a standard, off-the-peg house but more of a sculpture to live in, which reveals itself to be a spatial wonder the minute you walk through the door.” Large windows bring the emerald green landscape inside the house. Ufogel is like that home away from home, perfectly placed away from the city rush and noise. It’s an effective medicine for the soul, disconnecting you from the routine and helping you recharge with energy and freshness.