Lower Austria, Wagram region to be more precise, is the setting where a joint effort from the architecture office of Wolfgang Wimmer, Christoph March and Marek Gut of Austrian design studio March Gut began a one-year renovation project of a former wine cellar. Benefiting from the existence of two façades, the converted and augmented building, now has four distinct levels and as main purpose, nowadays, it is a highlighting location for Clemens Strobl Winery.

Older building sections have been exhibited and brought back to original shine, as well as modern new spaces keeping both the utility of a wine cellar and showroom and the exclusivity of finer food alongside with the capability of accommodating a temporary living space, according to necessity. “Following the topic of viniculture and the different uses of the levels, the focus in the overall concept was on appropriate materials, shapes and colours: The wine manufacture is prestigious and appealing, centring on the wine experience. The cellar is cosy, featuring muted light and sound absorption and a snug atmosphere. The first floor is more open and lighter and affords a constant view of the outside directly into the vineyards.” Even if the residence unfolds with a limited number of square meters, the entire building emerges as a heartedly outpost thank to the optimised usage of the whereabouts available. [Project discovered on Flodeau]