Working with a provocative open space that needed to be wisely dealt with, Geometrix Design delivered a contemporary Moscow apartment with a daring decor: “The main customer’s desire- no bare walls for further finishing- was the basic source of inspiration for us. On the one hand, this allowed us to put a number of designer ideas into practice; on the other hand, we had to expertly balance combinations of materials, colors and textures, because any overbalance could play a mean trick on us“, the architects explained. An overall futuristic approach is what defines the apartment, together with this intentional diversity.

There are plenty of interesting details that stand out within the design scheme. A textured wall made of natural rock with customized sawing of elements can be spotted in the living room. Additionally, the walls in the lobby and the living room were coated with alcantra panels. We invite you to also check out this eccentric living room design by Geometrix presented in one of our previous posts! [Photographs: Kamachkin Aleksandr]