Rina Lovko completed the design of a colorful and diverse small apartment in Ukraine, packed full with captivating design details. The project has a total surface of 120 square meters and is located on the fourth floor of a new house in the historical part of Kiev. Working together with the creative team, Rina Lovko made some alterations to the existing space by adding a dressing to the main bedroom, highlighting the personal bathroom and increasing the guests’ restroom.

The social core of the apartment is a large living room with dining area. Decoration and furniture employing natural materials adorn the interior, diluting minimalist forms. A fresh, welcoming vibe can be perceived throughout this crib and it seems each corner reveals its unique personality. Despite this homogenous mix of materials and colors, the place feels bright and airy. Have a look at the photos and feel free to share your thoughts regarding the design of this Kiev apartment!