Northeastern Australian coastline, near Brisbane, benefiting from the watchful eye of the Tinbeerwah mountain we stumble upon the majestic semi-rural retreat of Sunshine Coast – The Tinbeerwah Residence. Carefully planned and the attention to detail dedicated to its design, give a simplicity of essence and differentiates the dwelling, from many others, highlighting primarily the quality of materials invested that, such as wine, can only be enhanced with the passing of time. Of utmost importance in the creation of this setting was the factor built by the condition of the environment and the necessity to have an easeful,  stable transition from the plan of the house to the natural brushwood up far.

In this harsh environment the architect, Richard Kirk, chose to place two layers of skin – the exterior, serving as a sturdy barrier in front of the elements, embracing and packing the facade – and the interior skin carefully chose for the outstanding color composition and durability. Outer protection is achieved with bespoke timbers maneuvered as facade and cladding organisms whereas the interior timber exhales solidity. One can’t easily distinguish inner from outer since space is treated in a very much equal manner. The remarkable quality of the lumber is its ability to reach a silver coloration through the weathering process. All timber choices possess similar properties however for inside, inner spaces, purposely there have been selected lighter nuances to provide the warmth of a wood lined interior.