Located in a peaceful region near the old town of Cracow, Poland, the XV House was especially developed by studio RS+ Robert Skitek to take advantage of its hillside location and views: “The building stands on the highest point of the street; distinguished by its cubic form and smooth white elevations, it is the dominant culmination of the surrounding architecture. The shifting blocks are intended to reduce the relatively large optical cubature, whilst also reflecting the functional zones within the house”. A small garden with a swimming pool add up to the overall modern comfort inspired by this residence.

If only one word would be used to describe the interiors of the XV House, this would be openness: “All floors are linked spatially, so that from all places there is easy contact with household members in different parts of the building. Even the private bathroom – a glass cube suspended in open space – allows for insight into other rooms, if the blinds are rolled up”, explained the architects. Despite a minimalist design approach, the residence inspires a welcoming atmosphere, due to the central wooden staircase and various decorating elements. [Photography: Tomasz Zakrzewski]