Alta House is a project completed by AS/D Asociacion de Diseno in México, the ideal weekend retreat. Perfectly set in a green lush scenery of trees, the venue, envisioned as a weekend retreat, overlooks the valley and the distant mountains. This is the place where time stands still and the air is so fresh that it instantly recharges you with energy. The dynamic environment allows you to enjoy and observe nature. The construction, made of striped exposed concrete and doubled on the outside by doubled on the outside by a ventilated facade Trespa panels, boasts an abstract image of a tree (branches can be easily observed), in order to blend  with the surrounding site.

The house is vertically organised. A stacked staircase allows circulation throughout the entire house. All three floors can be easily accessed, taking different functions. A rooftop terrace/ garden, just like an observatory, allows you to relish the magnificent green landscape. Uncluttered and simplistic, the interior displays furnishings made of concrete and wood. A concrete-framed fireplace represents the key element of the living room (located on the first floor), where most of the social activities take place. During the summer, the infinity pool, grill and lounge area are just perfect to enjoy the outdoors.