This charming contemporary small house was especially designed by Kvartal Studio Group for a young family in Odessa, Ukraine. Displaying warmth throughout, the relatively compact (200 sq.meters/2150 sq.feet) residence combines different styles, color tones, materials and textures. Every sector has it’s own atmosphere and tone, integrating various modern architecture trends in its composition.

An interesting looking wooden staircase, partially camouflaged, hints the way towards the private spaces located at the second level. Supplemented by unique details- just have a look at the imposing 100-bulbs luster in the hall!- each interior is different and captivating. All these conditions create an unusual feeling of traveling in between different places under one roof. But despite the array of different textures employed, this abode inspires harmony throughout. Find this small house as fascinating as we do? [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Bogdan Golovchenko of Kvartal Studio Group]