This house located in London was recently renovated by Platform 5 Architects, being a true bookworms’ paradise. The client, a book lover with an extensive collection of books, was absolutely impressed with the results. Highlighting his passion for lecture, the architects designed a book tower at the heart of the house, a double-height library wrapped around a stair. Looks pretty much like a bookworms’ paradise! Take a comfortable chair and encompass yourself with knowledge. In this environment you can spend hours and hours discovering, reading, learning and studying. On the upper-floor there’s even a small office, where you can sit and overlook the room below while relaxing with a book in your hand.

Nothing compares with the smell of a book! Kindles may store hundreds of titles but that particular fragrance of hard covers, that ‘s something a gadget – sorry tech lovers – can’t give you. Each shelf integrates a built-in spotlight. This way you get to see each title. The renewal of the house also implies a kitchen extension, basically doubling its size. The dining area (as part of the kitchen) boasts an exposed brick wall, to mirror, as the architects state, the city’s character.