Welcome to a fascinating elite-luxury loft, where art is immersed in everyday living spaces, making them explode with personality. Discovered on Daily News, this artistic New York loft comes with plenty of impressive features. To start off, it is located in a superb building dating back to 1909 and boasts extensive views over the city’s American Museum of Natural History and Central Park. As you step inside the imposing living room, an overwhelming sense of royalty takes over.

A Miro-style mural in Venetian plaster created by Madrid-based artist Ramon Canet catches your eye instantly. The interior further reveals floor-to-ceiling Corinthian columns, a 17th-century stone fireplace and next to it, a lovely set made up of a wooden table and chair, by master artisan George Nakashimi. The current owners, a Latin American couple, have also displayed several works of art by Cuban artist Emilio Sanchez. Enjoy the rest of the loft in the virtual tour presented below! [Photography: Evan Joseph]