Zouk Architects designed the Box House, a private residence located in the golden triangle of Strathfield, a region with exclusive venues in one of Sydney’s suburbs. Most of the properties respect a strict planning regulation. The Box House became a reality after analysing the immediate surrounding, which determined its final shape. Comprising a series of interlocked boxes, the home is like a rigid formation with an organic element disrupting, a courtyard which provides natural light, serving also as an extension to the outdoor spaces.

The exterior of the house looks neat and uniform. “The suspended concrete slab and roof parapet wall has been constructed with single pour of concrete to ensure no construction joints visible to achieve seamless exterior finish.” Sandstone cladding and timber elements adorn the façade. The earthy tones of colours establish a stronger link  with the landscape. In contrast, the zinc cladding adds a sense of modern, overcoming the conservative streetscape of the suburbThe interior, very modern and breezy inspires warmth and friendliness. The ground floor accommodates also a terrace which opens to the courtyard. An infinity pool encompassed by white marble finishing complements the house.