Occupying only a third of the total surface of the plot (250 Sqm out of 750 Sqm), the Pathway House designed by Jacobs-Yaniv Architects in Tel Aviv is a home that establishes a connection with the outdoor environment, in order to make the inhabitants feel relaxed and peaceful. Boasting a rectangular-shaped structure, the single floor venue brings the residents one step closer to the green surrounding outdoor space. “The main architectural concept was creating inside the house an in-between space: joining the outside with the inside by introducing plants and skylights along a passage which continues the garden path to the house.”

The rectangular-shaped single floor house is basically divided in two sections: hosting and sleeping (public and private). A pathway links them. To get a better understanding of what this residential project is all about, you have to comprehend that the idea was from the very beginning to put up a continuous living environment which comprises both, the interior and the exterior. Bare concrete ribs run from the pathway towards the terrace and allow light to penetrate the house. The public section highlights elements of industrial design : exposed concrete beams decorate the well-lit interior. Everything inside (in terms of decorations) was carefully chosen to respect a certain modern-neutral line, orienting the viewer towards the outdoors.