Shun*Shoku Lounge, a multipurpose creative space, was recently completed by Kengo Kuma and Associates in Tokyo, Japan. The 1000 square foot creative space functions as an information booth and public relations informal office for Gurunavi, a company which puts all its efforts to establish connections between top-class (gourmet) restaurants and people who grow a passion for exclusive and sophisticated food. The interior, a little bit edgy and unconventional reflects perfectly Gurunavi’s values and the interesting approach to food education.

Lead architect Kengo Kuma reenvisioned the entire space, using only stacked plywood. The unpolished material defines the interior from one end to the other: from shelving units to stairs and desks, every item is made of raw stacked wood. The visual effect is absolutely stunning! The lounge serves fresh smoothies and healthy snacks. What’s really interesting is also the fact that the place houses exhibitions focusing around rare ingredients and seasonal food. Hats off to the creative team behind this great project!