A functional mix between a bed and a rocking chair, the Odu Rocker envisioned by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann from Confused-Direction is eye-catching and original. Initially spotted by Freshome on Trendir, the swaying daybed features a a curvacious shell like base, complete with a comfy-textured finishing material, that makes the overall design quite inviting. An interesting feature is that by adjusting his or her position, the user can automatically shift the gravitational center of the rocker, transforming it from an armchair into a daybed and vice versa.

The name “Odu”  is Hungarian for “cavern” which the designers stated it is a hint towards it generous size. As for the technical details, the producers unveiled that the large outer shell is made of fiber laminate and epoxy resin, while the inner core is upholstered in soft, skin friendly micro fiber available in 20 different colors. This makes the item customizable for a variety of modern interiors.