An original modern architecture approach defines Oakley House, a project developed by Benjamin Waechter Architect on an existing foundation measuring only 28’ x 28’, according to the local building constraints in Portland, Oregon, USA. Cleverly designed on top of this foundation, the welcoming modern crib is officially described as follows: “The ground level living space is envisioned as a wooden container. Floor, windows and walls are all made of maple, giving a simple and concise definition to the living space volume. To accommodate four bedrooms, the second story cantilevers out in the front and back of the house, providing the upstairs with adequate room while simultaneously creating covered outdoor space on both ends”.

The feeling you get upon entering is that of a home that “breathes happily”. All interiors are given a welcoming vibe, due to extensive use of wood. Large windows make the rooms feel airy and spacious, while splashes of color here and there brighten up the design scheme-have a look! [Photography by Lara Swimmer]