The Siliqvini Winery, if you’re looking for that perfect setting to enjoy a good Italian wine in the company of your friends, is not to be missed (Castel di Lama, Italy). Recently renovated by Studio Scaramucci, the winery owned by the respectable Siliquini family has suffered some transformations, becoming a processing center for the promotion and sale of products. Not only you can come here to taste a glass of good wine but also enjoy the serene setting and take part on all viticultural practices. A ritual for the privileged ones, I’d dare to add, only at Siliqvini Cantina Winery.

The architectural composition of the structure emphasises the conjunction with the landscape. Natural exposed stone adds a sense of traditional and moreover, it creates a flawless romantic ambience. The venue comprises three overlapped blocks. The first block (basement) houses production while the intermediate accommodates the sale and tasting rooms. A large opening (terrace) allows you to enjoy the view. To all the passionate collectors with exquisite taste in wine, Cantina Siliqvini is definitely a place worth visiting.