Proving there are no limits to design creativity, this original coffee table was built using a Boeing 777 wheel. You have to admit that the result is purely captivating, which is what determined us to share the product further. Discovered by Freshome on Fallen Furniture, the unconventional table is entirely hand polished and comes in a single version, which took no less than 150 hours to complete.

By placing a transparent glass tabletop above the polished aluminum wheel, the manufacturers achieved a high level of transparency. This way, the main element of the project becomes perfectly visible- and analyzable- from every standpoint. Unfortunately, we do not know much information regarding the designer of this Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Table, but we did find out it was produced in the United Kingdom by a guy named Harry. Enjoy the photos and be sure to also have a look at the Cylinder Radial Engine Table, built using an old plane engine and presented on Freshome a while back!