This apartment in the town of Cap d’Ail, near Monaco was envisioned by NG Studio and is part of a summer residence. Intended for receiving guests who come to the owners for holidays on the French Riviera and not as a permanent home, this stylish contemporary retreat was aimed at ensuring total relaxation.  Therefore, during the process of creating a concept for these interiors, special attention was paid to organization of the storage system for every room. All cabinets and shelving closets were converted into architecturally expressive volumes, which connect premises together associatively.

The designers combined modern interior details, laconic shapes and volumes with the delicacy of finishing materials and restrained colors complemented with bright accents. These are the colors of sand and stone, blue sky and sea azure, bright white accents, which associates with contours of the white sails of yachts and clouds above the sea. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by NG Studio]