The NS House conceived by Galeazzo Design Agency and located in Sao Paulo, Brazil combines Scandinavian, French and Italian design with vintage furniture. Accommodating a collection of several art pieces, the project is an appealing social hub that grabs your attention instantly. There are many spacious passages and sectors integrated harmoniously into the house such as: cellar, dining room, living, balcony and kitchen. The kitchen becomes the focal point of the house, representing the venue where all spaces merge.

Large windows allow daylight to spread and enhance the beauty of the interior design, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A strong visual impact results from the white walls that beautifully contrast the design objects and make the entire place come to life. Additionally, the furniture and art items add personality to these otherwise predictable spaces and rooms, turning the entire house into a home. This beautiful private residence is complemented by a yard with green areas and a pool, which make the place an oasis of relaxation.