Located near the Arousa estuary, in the Northwest of Spain, this interesting looking residence was cleverly designed and implemented by Iñaki Leite. Dezanove House stands out due to the use of recycled wood from the local fishing industry. “Bateas” are wooden platforms employed for the mussel production industry in the region. Before being sent to recycling- commonly for vineyards or gardening- the wood is exposed to the sea and coastal weather for over 25 years. This is the first time ever when architects treated and halved the material in order to produce two genuine wood textures, suited for both the exterior and interior of the house.

No matter what the standpoint, this exquisite beach house has a lot to offer in terms of design creativity. According to the architects, the high energy rating (A) was achieved “with a complex ventilation system design, high insulation, low system’s consumption, use of large south-facing glass surfaces combined with flexible use of solar protection elements“. [Photos by: Adrián Vázquez]