Have a look at this stylish, bright 786 square foot home, envisioned by interior designer Kate Koppany in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. An example of modern refinement, the loft features a sober color palette, mostly employing the classic black&white combination. Acting as the social core of the apartment, the open space living and dining zone inspires refinement throughout. The bedroom exhibits an original personality, its soft hues of beige and brown as well as the dim lighting creating a highly welcoming environment.

The client wanted a contemporary minimalist interior with some eye-catching elements, such as like the clock on a feature wall in the open plan living room, decorative painting, the modern fireplace or the well planned LED lighting throughout the home. A lovely terrace equipped with comfortable seating units connects the modern vibes in this loft with the serenity of Budapest’s lovely central streets. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Kate Koppany]