An old farming structure mixed with the newly built spaces create the diverse character of this single family house in Pontevedra, Spain. Nestled on a sloping terrain and framed by lush vegetation, the breezy, generously lit house represents a haven for the summer days. A true place where relaxation reigns and the enchanting surroundings overwhelm the viewer. The perfect spot to collect memories and enjoy the little things in life. The house envisioned by Irisarri Piñera Arquitectos reveals a powerful contrast, displaying elements of old and new.

It’s interesting how the old and the new are neatly displayed. The old stone was preserved in good conditions. A concrete slab mimics the topography of the place, evoking the original structure. The interior, naturally ventilated, is divided into social areas and more private spaces. White is the dominant colour, emphasising the idea of space, peace and comfort. Small terraces garnish the house’s exterior, allowing you to enjoy the site from almost anywhere. Into the social areas, some of the walls are deliberately missing, allowing the place to breathe and eliminating the boundaries between the indoor and the outdoors.